6 Ways to Prevent Easy Bruising

Get your pencil and paper now, at last! Jan Doan the self-proclaimed Doctor of Bruiseology has revealed his 6 tips to prevent yourself from getting again those ugly bruises. It has been Doan’s advocacy to help people find the right remedy to easy bruising. He has released a book entitled Ending the Nightmares of Easy Bruising which is the¬†only true reference book on bruising causes and bruise prevention today.

1. Be Prepared for Your Activities: If you are going to place sports than it is good to wear clothes that protect the vulnerable parts of your body to help fend off injury, especially bruising. The same goes for people who bruise easily no matter what they do. Try to wear clothes that protect the skin, especially the knees and elbows.

2. Take Vitamins: You are what you eat and if you eat food to make you stronger, you have an advantage. Vitamins help to build the body up and make things like your veins and skin stronger. Healing time is also directly affected by your immune system which can be boosted by vitamins. You can either get these through pill form of through your food.

3. Build Up Your Body with Food: The food we eat contains all the essentials for our health. Finding the right combination for yourself is the key. There are specific foods that help to toughen veins and maintain their health. Any food containing bioflavonoids will help. This means all citrus fruits, broccoli, cherries and apricots as some examples. Green tea is also known to inhibit bruising. Try to incorporate these foods into your daily diet everyday.

4. Use the Oldest Trick in the Book: When you notice that you have hit something or gotten an injury, take time to get some ice, sit down to rest, place the ice on the area with a bit of pressure and try to raise the effected area above the rest of the body. This is easy if it is a limb, but if you can’t raise the part of your body, than simply apply light pressure.

5. Ointments: There are a number of products on the market that you put on your skin that can help. You can get them at any pharmacy for a fair price. Another option is right in your kitchen. Using parsley as a paste works wonders. You chop it up, then mash it and put it on your skin for 20-30 minutes. You could keep repeating this until you’re satisfied.

6. Be Aware of Your Medications: Medications such as aspirin can thin the blood and vein walls. This means that it is easier to get bruised. If you are taking meds like aspirin on a daily basis, then talk to your doctor about playing with the dose to help reduce the possibility of bruising easier.

What’s the best way to prevent bruising? The tips above will help to fend off those ugly marks that appear after you get into minor accidents. It can come from the pharmacy, advice from your doctor, herbs from your kitchen or even what you wear. What is obvious, is that prevention is not complicated or expensive, but simply practical.

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